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We at Doug Dodgen and Associates are proud to host this listing of our AAT/AugCom Partners. The mission of the AAT/AugCom Partnership is simple: To make it easier for Internet users to find useful information about augmentative communications and other alternative-assistive technology. Our method of achieving these ends are equally simple: Each Partner provides a link back to this page to assist visitors in finding other Partners. By acting as a central site, or portal, into other AugCom related sites, we ensure that through our links and the links of our Partners, people can find useful informaiton quickly.

Becoming an AAT/AugCom Partner is just about as easy. The only requirements are a desire to help others find information and put a link back to this site on either your home page or your links page. If you wish to become an AAT/AugCom Partner, please take a moment to drop a note to Doug Dodgen.

 We have broken our Partner listing into the following categories to make it easier to find a Partner in the area desired:

We also provide a link to the Augmentative Communications forum at Coolboard.


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