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"Providing Integrated Software Solutions for Adaptive/Assistive Technology Professionals"

Our Products  
ActiveVoices The best dynamic screen communication software on the market.
AAC Feature Match Software Let the computer determine the best communication device to match the needs of the user.
Annual Database Update Download the annual update to the AAC Feature Match Software program free.
AAT Assessment Tool Enter the results of your AAT Assessment and have the computer format the results in a consistent, professional manner.
Student Information System Maintain information about students, therapists and schools for students receiving PT/OT/Speech services for multiple schools within a school district.
Client Information System Maintain information about clients.
Switch-Enabled Scanning Software Our ScanSoft series of games and other software that has been switch-enabled.
Other Information  
Important Events and Publications See what we have been up to and who says nice things about us.
New products in development Things we are working on, or planning to work on in the future. If you see something you want here, let us know and we may move it up the priority list. If there is something that you wanted but is not here, let us know, we may choose to add it to the list.
Links to other AAC Sites Some interesting and useful AAC links.

 A statement from the President...

"Thank you for taking the time to browse our web site. The staff and I at Doug Dodgen and Associates have been working hard to create new products to assist AAT professionals in their everyday work.

Our newest product is a revision of our AAT Assessment Tool. We have modified it to allow the user to configure what prompts are on the screen and what phrases will be placed in the resulting report once a selection is made. This makes the product extremely flexible and useful now. Not only can you personalize the report to use the phrases you prefer, but you can even make those phrases be in a non-English language or even change the report to add new categories in place of those you never use!

Our most popular product, ActiveVoices, as with all our products, was developed with the goal of making a time-consuming task easier.  It is, without a doubt, the easiest to program dynamic screen communication tool on the market today. I am very excited about its ability to translate its dynamic screens from one language to another at the click of a button. Now you can program pages in English and have the computer translate them to Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian or Portuguese for you.

I hope that you will find something which interests you in the following pages. If you do, you can order with the confidence of our guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or simply return the product for 100% refund of your payment, no questions asked, no hassles.

I look forward to hearing from you."

Doug Dodgen, President Doug Dodgen

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